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Cosenza is one of the main and more ancient cities in Calabria. It lies on 7 hills, at the confluence of the river Busento and Crati.

The Cosenza's great cultural tradition is witnessed by the presence of '"Accademia Cosentina", founded in the XVI century, one of the oldest in Europe, and by an important university with the largest campus in Italy.
The enormous artistic and historical heritage in this city, led the Calabria region, in 2008, to grant Cosenza the recognition of "città d'arte" (town of art), in order to promote the protection of works of art and the development of tourism.

The main monuments of Cosenza are: the "Fountain of the 13 channels", the "Duomo" (XI-XII century) and the "Castello Svevo" also called "Hohenstaufen Castle".

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