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Bolsena is an ancient town of Etruscan origins, in the province of Viterbo, which overlooks the shores of the lake of the same name. Bolsena, with its long history and its variety of landscapes, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting resorts in northern Lazio. Bolsena's vocation for tourism is well established and services and accommodations are available for all tastes. We personally want to recommend the pleasant Bed & Breakfast "Casa Reminiscenza" ( managed by Remi, a nice and kind Norwegian gentleman.
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The beauty of the landscapes, the presence of the lake and the favorable position along the Street Cassia, had made of Bolsena a well known resrt since the Renaissance. Many were in fact the Popes and the famous people who used to spend in Bolsena their "vacations".
Bolsena bacame famous in 1263 when at the cave, where now stands the Collegiate Church of Santa Cristina, there was the miracle of the Eucharist. After the miracle, the Pope of that time, Urban IV, was persuaded to establish the feast of Corpus Christi. In Bolsena this anniversary is celebrated with a solemn procession through the streets of the village adorned by an artistic and very long carpet of flowers, the so-called “infiorata”

Bolsena’s origins date back to the third century BC, when some residents of Velzna, today's Orvieto and one of the most important Etruscan towns, had escaped the destruction of the the city by the Romans (in 264 BC), found refuge on the shores of the lake and decided to settle there. The name "Bolsena" is a derivation of the word "Velzna", which over the centuries kept changing into the present-day form.
Although the origins of Bolsena date back to the third century BC, the abundant archaeological finds prove that this area was inhabited since the Neolithic period (5000 - 3000 BC) and the first evidence of a settled community dates back to the Bronze Age (sixteenth century BC). The Bolsena Lake Territorial Museum, hosted in the medieval Monaldeschi fortress, shows the archeological, geological and naturalistic finds from the Bolsena territory and the Bolsena Lake district. 
Around the fifth century, probably because of the incursions of the Goths first and the Longobards later, the town was abandoned and the inhabitants moved on to the nearby cliff (where now stands the fortress Monaldeschi della Cervara), narrower but with natural defenses much more efficient.
With the fall of the kingdom of Longobards, Bolsena became part of the territories of the Church. In 1186 came under the control of Orvieto and the powerful family Monaldeschi.  After about two centuries, Bolsena came back again under the direct control of the Papal States.

Lake Bolsena is the largest volcanic lake in Europe. His pelvis is not the wreck of a single volcano, as was thought at one time, but was formed as a result of a series of land subsidences caused by the volcanic eruption of many mouths. The last two craters of the volcanic system "Volsini", exploded about 120,000 years ago, have become the two islands that characterize the Lake of Bolsena: the islands Bisentina and Martana.
The waters of Lake Bolsena are among the clearest and cleanest in Europe, insomuch as one of the typical products of Bolsena is a fish: the “coregone”, a delicacy that Bolsena’s cooks can prepare in an excellent manner.

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