Italian grammar: Gender of Italian nouns by meaning

Gender of Italian nouns established by meaning

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1. Names of trees:

In Italian, names of trees are in general masculine.

il ciliegio (the cherry tree), il pero (the pear tree), il melo (the apple tree), etc...


2. Names of metals and chemical elements:

In Italian, names of metals and chemical elements are all masculine.

Examples: l'oro (gold), l'argento (silver), l'ossigeno (oxygen), il cesio (cesium), etc...

3. Names of lakes and seas:

In Italian, names of lakes and seas are all masculine.

il Tirreno (the Tyrrhenian), il lago di Como (the lake Como), il Pacifico (the Pacific), etc...

4. Names of sciences:

In Italian, the names of sciences are feminine.

Examples: la matematica (the math), l'astronomia (the astronomy), la biologia (the biology), etc...

5. Names of cities:

In Italian, the names of cities are all feminine.

Roma č una cittā molto bella (Rome is a beautiful city), Sorrento č una cittā turistica (Sorrento is a tourist town), etc...

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