Italian grammar: Nouns with the same form in the singular and in the plural

Invariable nouns (Nomi invariabili)

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Many nouns in Italian, have a unique form for both the singular and the plural, and for this reason are called invariable nouns.

Let's see which ones:

1. Monosyllabic nouns:

il re (the king) → i re (the kings), lo sci (the ski) → gli sci (the skis), etc...

2. Nouns ending in an accented vowel:

Il caffè (the coffee) → i caffè (the coffees), la città (the city) → le città (the cities), l'età (the age) → le età (the ages), etc...

3. Nouns adopted from foreign languages:

Lo sport (the sport) → gli sport (the sports), il whisky (the whisky) → i whisky (the whiskies), etc...

Sometimes it is also possible to find the plural form of the original language.

Il curriculum (the curriculum) → i curricula (the curriculum), etc...

4. Nouns ending in "-i":

L'analisi (the analysis) → le analisi (the analyses), la crisi (the crisis) → le crisi (the crises), l'ipotesi (the hypothesis) → le ipotesi (the hypoteses), etc...

5. Some masculine nouns ending in "-a":

Examples: Il sosia (the double) → i sosia (the doubles), il gorilla (the gorilla) → i gorilla (the gorillas), il boia (the executioner) → i boia (the executioners), etc...

6. Abbrevieted nouns:

Il cinema (the cinema) → i cinema (the cinemas), l'auto (the car) → le auto (the cars), la moto (the motorbike) → le moto (the motorbikes), la foto (the photo) → le foto (the photos), etc...

"Cinema" stands for "cinematografo";
"Auto" stands for "automobile";
"Moto" stands for "motocicletta";
"Foto" stands for "fotografia";

7. Nouns ending in "-ie":

La specie (the species) → le specie (the species), la serie (the series), → le serie (the series), etc...

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